WHY ADVERTISE WITH US? REACH NEW CUSTOMERS The market changes constantly – no matter your business. New families move to our area every day which means potential new customers to reach. People's lifestyle and buying habits also change daily. The shopper who wouldn't have considered your business a few years ago may be a prime target now. Remember, the average person moves every 3.5 years. Plus, it is estimated that 5 million people will be married and 4 million babies born this year in the U.S. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY, POSITIVE IMAGE In a competitive market, bad news can travel fast. Advertising corrects "overstated" bad news about a company or the economy. Advertising that is positive can bring shoppers into the marketplace, regardless of the economy or consumer negativity. MAKE MORE SALES Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady advertisers. The key to creating a great return on an advertising investment is consistency, which drives sales. Advertising builds on itself and remaining top of mind will undoubtedly increase the odds of more sales and more customers. Even the slowest days produce sales when your advertising is in the public mainstream. As long as you're in business, you have new people to reach. Advertising generators customers now, and future customers. YOUR COMPETITION IS ADVERTISING There are only so many consumers in the market who are ready to buy at any given moment in time. You need to advertise to keep regular customers engaged and to counterbalance competitive advertising. Consistent advertising allows you to maintain or grow your share of customers rather than potentially losing them to more aggressive competitors. If you're not advertising, you're not in the game.

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