YOUR CAMPAIGN NEEDS 1. Be inspirational Radio can touch your target candidates emotionally and rationally Great radio commercials will paint the perfect picture of your company 2. Reach qualified targets Radio is proactive and intrusive Radio reaches not only the unemployed, but also the employed but unhappy 3. Reach qualified targets’ friends and family Half of your respondents hear about a position from a friend or family member. Radio can promote word of mouth to your target’s trusted network. 4. Deliver your message at most opportune time Radio reaches people everywhere -- during a dreaded commute, while stuck at a frustrating job - times when they will be most receptive to new job opportunities 5. Touch your target numerous times Radio allows you to stand out from the competition – your message will stand alone, not next to the other classified ads Radio is cost effective Radio improves recall: Replacing one of two newspaper exposures with radio ads almost triples unaided recall SAMPLE ADS

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